Is Botulax good? How much does it cost in Korea? Why is it interesting these days?

  • 24/05/2024
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Currently, there are many brands of Botox. Each brand has different properties. Botulax, Korean Botox, is a popular Botox in Thailand. And has been used for 10 years because it gives clear and quick results. Including a price that can be reached. By the strengths and weaknesses of What is Botulax? How are the results after injection compared to other brands? How long does it last and who is it suitable for? And how is the price different from other brands? And is there a way to check?BotoxHow authentic is it? Today we will take everyone to solve the answer together.

What country's Botulax is Botulax? What is Botulax?

Botulax is a South Korean Botox. And imported by Cosma Medical Company Limited, which is another Korean brand that is very popular in beauty clinics in Thailand. Because it has been certified for safety by the Food and Drug Administration of South Korea. and in Thailand as well It is also Botox that is not expensive compared to the results, which makes Botulax, a Korean Botox, quickly gaining popularity.

Korean Botulax Botox is a pure protein substance extracted from a type of bacteria called “Clostridium Botulinum” which has been developed to have a quality equivalent to Allergan Botox, an American Botox. But the effect of the drug after injection is shorter and the distribution of the drug is wider. And with an even lower price, Botulax, Korean Bo, is known as the most cost-effective and cost-effective Botox. With a price that is not too high and gives results similar to American Botox, which is twice as high.

What does Botulax help with? Who is it suitable for?

Botulax, a Korean Botu, has the advantage of being gentle and pure, up to 99.5%. The drug acts quickly. Therefore, it is suitable for people who need it urgently. and want to inject to reduce wrinkles on the face Reduce cheek grooves Crow's feet are moderate to severe. Helps make your face clearer. The face frame is clearer and slimmer. Reduce the jaw muscles to be smaller. After injection, there is no stiffness, still looks natural. It is also suitable for people who want injections to reduce large muscles such as Calves and arm muscles or even injections to reduce sweat as well 

What is the difference between Botulax and Nabota?

It can be seen that at present Beauty clinics carry many brands and nationalities of Botox. Imported for us to use. But it can be seen that Botox from Korean nationality is very popular in Thailand. Because the price is not very high when compared to Europe or America. For example, the properties of Butulax, Korean Bottle, and Nabota, Korean Bottle are as follows:


  • Advantages: It is clearly worth the price. It also has the advantage of wide drug distribution, fast acting, highest purity, 99.5%, able to dissipate on its own. No residue Give it a natural look The price is cheaper than other Korean brands. As a result, many people choose Korean Botulax as another option for Botox injections.


  • Advantages: It is the only brand of Botox certified by the United States Food & Drugs Asministration (United stated Food & Drugs Asministration). It has a purity of 98.7%, emphasizing quick results because it has a small molecule. and provide naturalness It has a relatively long duration of action, 6-12 months.

How to look for genuine Botulax?

Nowadays, Korean Botulax has been counterfeited a lot. The injector should therefore study the information about that brand of Botox before the procedure. To reduce the risk of dangerous results that will occur later, such as observing the top of the box and the bottom of the box. Observe the expiration date and production lot. There are ways to check Botulax, Korean Botanicals, and easy ways to observe as follows.

  1. haveFDA registration number The production lot number and the corresponding expiration date number are on the bottom of the box and on the side of the bottle.
  2.  There is a hologram sticker on the front of the box and on the side of the bottle with the word “Cosma medical” printed on it. 
  3. On the box and bottle, the words are printed: Specially controlled drugs with red letters and specify the importing company
  4. Has a FDA registration number. and documentation in Thai inside the box
  5. There is a QR Code to scan to verify that it is genuine.
  6. You can call to inquire to check the lot number and the clinic that orders the medicine directly from the importer at Cosma Medical Company or call 02-367-15-252.
  7. The medicine is a medicine that coats the bottom of the bottle. No water contamination You must use a saline solution to suck out the medicine from the bottle.


How much does Korean Botulax cost?

Currently, in Thailand, Botulax Korean Botu is imported in 3 sizes: 100 units (white-blue box) and 200 units (white-orange box). How much does Botulax 100u cost and is Botulax 200u expensive?Varies according to the promotional price of each clinic. and injection area


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Frequently asked questions about Botulax

How many months does Botulax last?

Korean Botulax is a popular Botox. Because the price is not high and the efficiency is the most effective. It can also last up to 4-6 months. 

Is Botulax FDA approved? 

Authentic Botox brand Botulax 100 Units will have a hologram sticker on the front of the box and it will say “Cosma medical” and most importantly, there must be a QR Code so that you can check whether it is genuine or not. and must have an FDA registration number and Thai language documentation

How many units does Botulax start at?

Botulax starts at 100 units and has a general price of approximately 6,000-9,000 baht, depending on different clinics and promotions.