How much does dark spot laser cost? 2024. Where is a good place to get dark spot laser?

  • 24/05/2024
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dark spot problem It is one of the reasons why many people lose their confidence. Especially dark spots on the face. which is a clearly visible point Some people have only a few small spots that can be concealed with makeup. But some people have a lot. Dark spots are dark and large, making them difficult to conceal. Laser treatment is recommended. Which can solve a variety of skin problems, including dark spots, acne scars, scars, blemishes, and freckles, and is a popular method because it is convenient and results are seen quickly. For anyone who is wonderingIs dark spot laser good? ? Is it really effective? Where is a good place to get laser for dark spots? ? How much does dark spot laser cost? ? This article has the answer.

What are dark spots? What are they caused by? 

A dark spot is an area on the skin that is darker than the surrounding skin. This is due to the function of the pigment melanin (Melanin) that is abnormally large. Can occur at any gender and age. and every part of the body Whether it is on the face or on the body and can occur for many reasons such as 

  • sunlight When faced with sunlight UV raysIt stimulates the production of melanin in the upper layer of the skin cells to protect the skin. Makes the skin dark. and some areas where there is a lot of melanin accumulation It will become blemishes, freckles, dark spots.
  • heredity Even if you try to avoid the sun. But some people have freckles easily. Because it is a genetic trait that is passed down from generation to generation. It's easy to notice. that the skin of everyone in the family will have freckles as well In addition, Asian people or white people are also more likely to develop blemishes, freckles, and dark spots than Western people.
  • hormone changes in female hormones or a hormonal imbalance It will affect the function of melanin. and can cause dark spots as well Therefore, it is often found during pregnancy. or after menopause
  • inflammation of the skin Such as wounds from insect bites, scratch marks, abrasions, acne scars, and as we get older. Skin cell turnover will be less. Makes these dark spots disappear more slowly.

Advantages of laser treatment for freckles, dark spots, and blemishes with the Pico Sure, Discovery Pico machines.

If you askIs dark spot laser good? I must answer that it is a good choice. Because it's more convenient Get faster results than applying medicine or nourishing the skin with various skin care products. Suitable for people who want to get rid of dark spots quickly. Currently, there are many different types and brands of laser machines, but the one that works best is the Pico Laser because it is the latest technology and uses energy. Picosecond that can deliver high frequency energy as fast as 1 per trillionth of a second or Picosecond, these energies will break the pigments into fine pieces Decomposed by white blood cells and eliminated naturally Therefore making dark spots look faded. The skin color is smooth and even. There are 2 brands of Pico Laser machines that are commonly used:

  • Pico Sure dark spot laser

Pico Sure, the world's first Pico Laser machine Manufactured by Cynosure Inc., USA. Uses Pressurewave technology, which is a special patent. Releasing energy with 3 lengths: 532 nanometers, 755 nanometers, and 1064 nanometers. Suitable for treating blemishes, freckles, and dark spots because it binds to melanin pigment better than other devices. without causing scars or burnt skin 

  • Laser dark spots Discovery Pico

Discovery Pico is a Pico Laser machine from Italy. Produced by Quanta System Company, it is outstanding in stimulating collagen and elastin under the skin. Helps maintain, restore and condition the skin to make it smooth, beautiful, and radiant, thus giving good results in treating acne scars, raised scars, but it can also be used to manage dark spots, blemishes, and freckles.

How many times does it take to see results from laser treatment for blemishes and freckles? 

The number of times to treat blemishes and freckles with laser depends on each person. Because everyone has different skin conditions. The severity of the problem is not the same. Some people have it a little, some people have it a lot. It also depends on the laser machine used and how effective it is. But on average, if done about 5-6 times, results will be clearly seen. 

How much does dark spot laser cost?

Laser, blemishes, freckles, dark spots, priceIt depends on the severity of the problem. Lack of the point that needs treatment Including the number of times performed, "AES CLASS CLINIC" starting laser price is not expensive. And there are promotions every month. Including a package that is suitable for people with a lot of skin problems. and had to do the laser several times The price will be lower again.

Review of laser for dark spots, where is good?

For the question: Where is a good place to get laser for dark spots? ? It is recommended to choose a clinic that meets standards. reliable And there are modern, safe laser equipment and experienced doctors ready to advise on treatment. 

Which AES CLASS CLINIC is one of the clinics that meet international standards. Have a legal business license Complete with modern and quality tools and equipment. Use the Pico Laser machine that is effective in removing dark spots, hyperpigmentation, redness, blemishes, freckles without leaving any scars, including doctors and all employees. ready to provide professional service Pay attention to every detail This has earned the trust of many customers across the country who come to use our services. You can see additional reviews from customers who have actually used the service.

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Frequently asked questions about How much does dark spot laser cost?

Does dark spots really disappear with laser?

Laser is a method for treating dark spots. The most effective redness You can also clearly see the results. Compared to other treatment methods Because the laser will reach down to the melanin layer of the skin. Therefore, it is a very popular method.

Are there any side effects of facial laser?

Facial laser will cause a slight pain while doing the laser. And after the procedure, there may be burn marks on the skin, but those marks will go away naturally.

Does hyperpigmentation laser hurt? 

Laser surgery may feel a little painful, depending on the type of laser used and the treatment of each person's skin. However, you can still request anesthetic to help reduce pain from the doctor. But the laser method is less painful than other methods and the results are more obvious.

How many days should you not get the laser on your face? 

After laser treatment You should avoid contact with water in the treated area for at least 24 - 48 hours, but you can apply cream or Vaseline. It depends on the doctor's advice. Importantly, do not rub, pick, and scratch the laser treatment area. Because in some cases there may be dark marks after inflammation.

How many days does it take for dark spots to fade with laser?

Dark and red marks from laser treatment will disappear within 5 - 7 days and will gradually fade to pink. and will return to its natural, normal color within 3-4 months. This period will depend on the skin color of each person as well.