Laser acne scars on the back, is it good? Laser acne scars on the back, how much does it cost?

  • 24/05/2024
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Acne problems don't just occur on the face. But it is also often found on the back. This is the area where sweat accumulates. Causes blockage and inflammation. And after the acne heals, it often leaves dark marks. This makes many people insecure when wearing clothes that show their backs. or swimsuit This article will take everyone to find out what actually causes back acne problems? therapy withLaser acne scars on the backWill it help? Which one should I choose? Including taking care of yourselfAfter laser acne scars, do notWhat to do? Follow along and read.

What causes acne scars on the back?


Acne scars on the back are scars caused by inflammation. or irritation of the skin In the process of repairing and recovering the skin It will cause the accumulation of melanin pigment more than normal. until it becomes a duck with black spots or dark brownCauses of acne on the backThere are many factors such as 

  • heredity You will notice that some people do not have acne on their backs at all. But some people have especially a lot of acne on their backs. Let's observe that If family members have the same problem Maybe it's because of genetics. 
  • hormone Hormonal changes at different ages, such as adolescence, menopause, or during pregnancy. including various behaviors That affect hormonal balance, such as stress and lack of rest, are all causes of acne on the back.
  • Cleanliness The back is a difficult area to clean. It is also an area where a lot of sweat accumulates. When not cleaned well It will cause an accumulation of bacteria and dirt that clog the pores.
  • Sarcasm Very tight clothing Will cause friction with the skin and cause irritation. and can cause acne as well
  • Allergic to chemicals Some products used, such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, may contain ingredients that cause irritation. Especially people with sensitive skin. There is a chance of allergies and acne easily.

Laser treatment for acne scars on the back: which type is best? How are each type different?

  1. Laser acne scars on the back with Pico Plus

tPico Plus machine An innovation in using lasers from South Korea that will help treat skin problems. Helps to solve the problem of pigmentation under the skin. To cause the dissolution to become small particles, making the skin color look faded. and can also treat blemishes and freckles

  1. Laser acne scars on the back with Pico Sure

Pico Sure is a brand of Picosecond Laser machine which was produced as the first brand in the world by Cynosure Inc., USA. Passed standard certification from both the US-FDA and the FDA of Thailand. It is a highly efficient machine. and captures melanin pigment well Therefore helping to reduce acne marks, dark spots precisely at the point, helping to break down the pigment. without generating heat that damages surrounding tissue or the upper layer of the skin Makes the skin feel comfortable, does not burn or cause burns.

Does laser acne scars have any negative effects? 

Laser acne scars on the back, reviewsAfter the treatment, it was found that the acne scars faded faster than when applying medicine. or slaves to various skincare products If asked about the negative effects, it is likely to be the relatively high price. and may have to be repeated several times in some cases But in exchange for convenience and shorter treatment time which is considered worthwhile As for other side effects There may be some minor symptoms such as dry skin after laser. This is a normal symptom, not severe. Just apply moisturizer. Or a nourishing cream that regularly increases moisture will disappear.

How to care for acne scars after laser?

  • Nourish your skin with a cream that increases moisture. And refrain from products that contain perfume, alcohol or substances that stimulate skin cell turnover such as vitamin C, AHA.
  • Always maintain cleanliness To reduce the accumulation of sweat and bacteria on the back. But you should avoid taking hot showers. Because it will make the skin dry and itchy.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Not too tight To reduce friction
  • After laser acne scars, do notExfoliate or scrub the skin on the back for 1 week. 
  • Refrain from exposing yourself to strong sunlight. Do outdoor activities Including exposure to heat such as exercise, spa, sauna for at least 2 weeks.
  • If necessary, wear clothes that show off your back. Apply sunscreen with a high SPF.
  • Refrain from swimming or playing in the sea for 2-3 days. 

Laser acne scars on the back. How much does it cost? Is it expensive?

Price of laser for acne on the back It depends on the severity of the problem, such as the number of acne scars and the intensity of the acne scars. Skin response to treatment Number of times performed as well as the laser machine used And the clinic where you receive services for “AES CLASS CLINIC” the price of laser acne scars on the back starts at not expensive. And there are special promotions every month. Including a package worth it for those who have to do it multiple times. 


Laser for acne scars on the back, reviewed at AES CLASS CLINIC

Laser acne scars on the back, reviews AES CLASS CLINIC uses world-class Pico Laser machines. There are both Picosure and Discovery PICO machines to help effectively manage acne scars on the back. There is also a team of skilled doctors ready to give advice. 


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Frequently asked questions about laser acne scars on the back

Does laser acne scars really work? 

Acne scar lasers are highly effective in making acne scars, black marks, and red marks disappear and are still popular today. In addition, laser can help solve and treat various acne problems, whether it be clogged pores, inflamed acne, acne scars, etc. 

Does laser treatment for acne scars on the back hurt? 

Treating acne scars on the back with laser There will be no pain or if there is, there will be very little pain and there may be a feeling of heat in the treated area. Because of the laser It will be shot into the melanin layer under the skin, so after treatment you should apply a cold compress to reduce the heat.

Laser acne scars on the back Does it take a long time? 

The laser treatment process takes approximately 10-30 minutes and depends on each individual's treatment. which will be at the discretion of the doctor

How many times does it take to laser acne scars on the back?

laser treatment At least 4 - 5 treatments must be done in order to see clear results. So that the laser can stimulate the creation of collagen fibers. and can improve the skin condition