What is Ultherapy SPT? Can it be adjusted to tighten the skin better?

  • 20/06/2024
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When talking about skin-lifting technology, The number one thing that has been done and has seen the most obvious results No need to recuperate No need for surgery. That is doing Ultherapy (Ulthera) that many people are familiar with. But recently there has been a newest innovation that seems to upgrade the capabilities of Ultherapy This technology is called Ultherapy SPT. Many people may have heard of it before. But I don't know what it is. How is it different from the original Ulthera? What will the treatment abilities and results be? Today, this article will explain the special abilities of Ultherapy SPT for you to understand.

Get to know Ultherapy SPT, what is it?

Ultherapy SPT isA machine for skin tightening and facial wrinkles that uses high-frequency ultrasound energy to shoot energy beneath the skin. Heat causes the skin to shrink and tighten. It also helps stimulate collagen and create new elastin. Ultherapy SPT technology has a different treatment method than before, namely SPT, which stands for S-See P-Plan T-Traet, which is a new technique for Treated from traditional Ultherapy


What is the Ulthera SPT technique?

As mentioned above, Ulthera SPT is a new treatment technique, which is SPT itself. Each abbreviation has the following meanings:

S – See

It is using technology. MFU-V (Microfocus Ultrasound With Visualization) To see the structure of the skin layer that we want to solve the problem through the monitor in real time. At this point, the doctor will be able to clearly see the deeper skin layers. And being able to see the skin layers clearly makes the treatment even more effective. Because the more you know the point you want to correct, the more accurate the treatment will be than using a general Ulthera machine.

P – Plan, create a treatment plan just for you.

After the doctor sees the skin structure that needs to be corrected. The doctor will plan the treatment by determining the location and depth of the skin layer where the energy will be sent. This planning ensures the most effective and safe treatment.

T – Treat, precise treatment

Once the doctor has made a treatment plan The treatment will begin by shooting energy into each point and selecting the appropriate lifting and tightening energy shooting technique. To solve problems as accurately and directly as possible The procedure is less painful. and produce results that meet the needs of the maker It also does not cause any side effects.


How does Ultherapy SPT work?


The working principle of Ultherapy SPT is to shoot high energy (ultrasound) into the skin under the skin as specified by the doctor. The depth that is shot into is the SMAS layer, which is the same layer of skin as a facelift surgery. The energy value creates heat under the skin at approximately 60-70 degrees in order to stimulate and create new collagen and elastin. Therefore, it can correct the problem of facial sagging, tighten the skin, and wrinkles on the face without surgery and recovery.


How many levels of firing heads does Ultherapy STP consist of?

The difference between the Ultherapy SPT machine head depends on the depth at which the doctor will shoot the energy beneath the skin in the area to be treated. and the needs of different results Therefore, using the appropriate injection head for the skin type we want to treat will increase efficiency and achieve the best results.

  • Shooting head depth 1.5 mm Suitable for wrinkles in the upper layer of the skin such as around the eyes, thin skin spots, and spots with small wrinkles that are not very deep.
  • Shooting head depth 3.0 mm Suitable for face and neck to reduce sagging. Tightens fat and stimulates collagen.
  • Shooting head depth 4.5 mm Suitable for shooting deep skin layers at the SMAS level, which is the layer of skin connected to muscles. Suitable for lifting and tightening the jaw and neck area.  


Who is Ultherapy SPT suitable for?


Ultherapy SPT is suitable for people who have sagging skin problems. Want firmness of the face and neck skin Make the face frame more clear. It is also suitable for people who have problems with wrinkles on the face, cheek lines, betel nuts, and wrinkles under the eyes. Makes you look fuller. or those who have problems with drooping eyebrows It can also lift and tighten the eyebrows into shape.

Ulthera vs Ulthera SPT comparing technology and skin tightening results.

It can be said that Ultherapy SPT is a machine developed from normal Ulthera, so we will see the same working principles and treatment goals, only Ulthera SPT adds new techniques as mentioned above. For accuracy while doing it and being able to confirm the results of each point effectively. This is because it allows the doctor to see the structure of skin problems that need to be corrected. and plan for targeted treatment. Ultherapy will focus on covering the entire face. The tightening shot is not as specific as Ulthera SPT, so the results may not be as accurate because it doesn't target specific areas.

Precautions for taking Ultherapy SPT

For effective and safe treatment for Ultherapy SPT, there are some precautions to take before doing it as follows:

  1. If you have a history of allergies or congenital diseases, you should notify your doctor before treatment for evaluation.

Before treatment, such as skin allergies, skin diseases, or immune system diseases

  1. Stop using products that contain ingredients that helpExfoliate skin cells Such as AHA, BHA or Retinoin or substances that make the skin sensitive to light. To avoid irritation to the skin
  2. If anyone has a problem with allergic rashes infected skin The procedure should be postponed to avoid unwanted side effects.

Review: Is Ultherapy SPT painful? 


Ultherapy SPT is a method of shooting heat energy at a temperature of 60-70 degrees beneath the skin. In most cases, if we are afraid of pain, we can tell the medical team to apply anesthetic to reduce the pain. But the pain was not so great that it was unbearable. and is less painful than traditional Ulthera. In addition, Ultherapy SPT is more accurate in shooting energy values. Because the doctor can see the layers of our skin. Therefore, it can reduce the chance of the risk of shooting into the muscle layer. or bones as well

Where is Ultherapy SPT good? Recommend quality places

You should choose to do Ultherapy SPT at a hospital. Clinics that have a valid operating license from the Ministry of Public Health and medical equipment must be certified to standards And there must be a doctor with expertise who is ready to give advice and recommend treatment that is appropriate for each individual's problem. 

Aes Class Clinic has a team of expert doctors ready to give advice and help recommend solutions to the problem. for best results Equipped with standard certified medical equipment You can be assured that you will receive the best service. If interested, inquire for additional information and promotions here.


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Frequently asked questions about ultherapy spt

How is Ulthera SPT different from MPT? 

Both techniques aim to tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production, but SPT focuses more on precision and customization of the treatment plan, while MPT is a simpler and faster process.

What is the difference between Ultherapy and Ulthera SPT?

Ulthera and Ulthera SPT are technologies used for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction using focused ultrasound sound waves with different depths and energy to stimulate collagen production in the skin. This is an development from Ulthera technology, emphasizing more customization and precision in treatment.