What is the difference between Ultraformer III and MPT? Which type is suitable for us?

  • 21/06/2024
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For people who have wrinkle problems sagging and are looking for help in lifting and tightening You've probably heard the name Ultraformer before. Because it is a popular procedure that is convenient, fast and effective, results can be seen from the first time it is performed. But many people may have doubts. Ultraformer MPT with Ultraformer III How are they different? In order not to cause confusion This article will compare the differences between Ultraformer III vs MPT Which type is suitable for whom? And which one should I choose? Let's see.

What is Ultraformer III?


Ultraformer III is a tool.Medically, it uses specific high-intensity sound wave technology. Also known as MMFU (Micro & Macro Focused Ultrasound) sends energy down to the deeper layers of the skin. Causes heat that stimulates tissue to shrink. and strengthen new collagen Helps break down fat Restore firmness to sagging skin. and reduce wrinkles to make them look lighter

Who is Ultraformer III suitable for?

  • People who have sagging skin problems Wrinkled Whether it's around the face or neck.
  • person with double chin The face frame is not clear. Want to adjust the shape of your face to be a V-shape?
  • People who have mild to moderate wrinkle problems, such as wrinkles around the eyes. Cheek groove Grooves at the corners of the mouth, wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the corners of the eyes
  • People who have problemsDull, dry skin Looks tired and not bright. 
  • Those who have droopy eyebrows, droopy corners of the eyes, droopy mouth corners and want to solve the problem without surgery.

What is Ultraformer MPT?


The Ultraformer MPT is a successor to the Ultraformer III and has been developed in many areas. Increase the variety of hungry shots. and energy format To make treatment more effective But the working principle is still the same. That is, it releases MMFU waves to restore the skin structure. and tighten the skin to make it smooth and tight

Ultraformer MPT Who should take it?

  • Those who want to reduce the appearance of small wrinkles all over the face
  • People who have wrinkles in hard-to-reach areas such as under the eyes, outer corners of the eyes, and eyebrows and want to keep the details beautiful and perfect.
  • People who have accumulated fat on their faces Want to burn fat? Ready to lift and tighten the skin together. 
  • People who have problems with large pores Want to stimulate collagen Smooth the skin

What is the difference between Ultraformer MPT and Ultraformer III?

When it comes to skin-lifting and tightening tools, it's the same. The energy used is the same. Therefore causing many people to question: What is the difference between Ultraformer III and MPT? There are many points of difference as follows:

  • Shooting head The Ultraformer MPT has a wider range of nozzles, such as the Ultra Booster nozzle, which is small so it can be used even in hard-to-reach areas. It also helps stimulate collagen. Adjust the skin condition to be smooth, radiant.
  • form of energy The Ultraformer III releases energy in a series of small dots, while the Ultraformer MPT releases energy in three ways: a dot, a circle, and a straight line that creates a continuous accumulation of energy. This will help reduce pain during the procedure.
  • How long does it take to make Because the Ultraformer MPT can emit 417 Dots / Shots more energy than the Ultraformer III, which can emit 17 Dots / Shots, it takes less time to complete.
  • result Both procedures provide temporary results, but the Ultraformer MPT provides longer results at 6-9 months, while the Ultraformer III provides results for 4-6 months.
  • price Making the Ultraformer III is cheaper than the Ultraformer MPT.

Ultraformer III vs MPT, which one is better?


If comparing between Ultraformer III vs MPT I must say that it is a safe procedure. and both have good performance The results came out very similar. Therefore, you should consider choosing according to the nature of the problem and budget. 

Highlights of Ultraformer III and MPT 

strength : 

  • It is a procedure that helps lift and tighten the skin. Solve wrinkle problems without surgery, less pain, no need for recovery. After the procedure, you can live your life normally.
  • It takes a short time to heal, approximately 20-45 minutes. 
  • Can be used on all parts of the face, including the neck and other parts of the body such as the upper arms, thighs, abdomen, hips.
  • High security Does not cause scars on the outer layer of the skin. So don't worry about scars.
  • You can see results from the first time you do it. and gives natural looking results


Where is Ultraformer MPT good?


Where is Ultraformer MPT good? Recommended: Aes Class Clinic uses genuine Ultraformer MPT machines that meet standards. There is a clean, safe procedure room and doctors who take close care of you. Since evaluating the skin condition Plan treatment until following up There are also packages that are worth it. Affordable price and good promotions that is updated every month


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Frequently asked questions about Ultraformer III with MPT

How many models of Ultraformer machines are there? 

Currently, there are several models of Ultraformer that have been developed to meet the various needs of users, the main ones being:

  • Ultraformer I Uses high intensity sound waves (HIFU)
  • The Ultraformer II has further technological developments from the first model.
  • Ultraformer III uses high-intensity sound waves to stimulate collagen production under the skin. It can deliver sound waves precisely to the skin layer that needs treatment.

Who is Ultraformer suitable for? 

Suitable for those who want to tighten their skin and reduce wrinkles without surgery. People who want to restore the elasticity and radiance of the skin Or those who have small wrinkles or lines on the forehead, around the eyes, cheeks, and other areas and would like to tighten the face to make it look more youthful.