AES CLASS Aloe Plus Cream - Cream mixed with aloe vera extract.

AES CLASS Aloe Plus Cream
Es Class Aloe Plus Cream
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250 baht
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AES CLASS Aloe Plus Cream
Es Class Aloe Plus Cream
Price 450 baht
Light skin care cream Provides smoothness, softness, and moisture to the facial skin Rich in the value of vitamin E and concentrated extracts from 'Aloe Vera' which is the ultimate natural herb. that has outstanding properties in reducing skin inflammation and helping nourish facial skin to be soft, moisturized, radiant, and smooth

Important ingredients
• Aloe Extract, concentrated extract from aloe vera. Has the effect of reducing inflammation of the skin, helps heal wounds, and relieves redness. and provides moisture to the skin
• Vitamin E helps inhibit free radicals, heals wounds, and reduces wrinkles. and increase moisture Makes the skin glow and look healthy and not wrinkled.
• Glycyrrhiza or licorice extract. Has properties to help reduce inflammation Reduces wrinkles, dark spots, blemishes, and freckles, making skin color bright, smooth, and even.