OXITHION (L-glutathione)

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Glutathione dietary supplement The latest innovation in the form of small molecule tablets. 'Sublingual formula It can take effect immediately. It has better absorption properties than general glutathione tablets. and gives good results comparable to walking medicine into the body Helps boost the body's immune system and remove toxins from cells. When the body and cells are strong, they can fight the Covid-19 virus.

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Detox to drive out toxins

  • Detoxifies and eliminates waste from the body.
  • Helps every cell come back to work well. Effective in fighting viruses
  • Detox removes toxins that enter the body from the skin through the kidneys or intestines.
  • Helps restore the liver that has accumulated toxins from taking medications. for a long time, such as paracetamol, etc.


  • It is the most effective antioxidant.
  • anti aging
  • Slow down the deterioration of the skin at the cellular level.
  • Slow down the deterioration of the body and every organ.

White, clear skin with aura

  • Helps nourish and restore dull skin.
  • Restores skin from sun damage.
  • Makes the skin return to being white, clear, pink, glowing and with an aura.
  • Reduce dark spots and acne scars.
  • Makes blemishes and freckles look noticeably faded.

Special features

  1. Better absorption than general glutathione tablets.
  2. See results quickly within 1 month.
  3. It gives good results comparable to walking medicine into the body.
  4. The tablets are designed to be taken under the tongue. which breaks down quickly and dissolves well Makes it act quickly without being destroyed in the digestive tract and liver Therefore, you can use a smaller amount than eating in normal pill form.
  5.  You can eat continuously. Does not remain or accumulate in the body.
  6.  Received global awards for outstanding tablet formulation design and packaging innovation.
  7.  Safe, certified by the Thai FDA.

Important ingredients

L-glutathione 100 mg (L-glutathione 100 mg)
Packed with many benefits to boost the immune system for the body and skin.

Take 1-2 tablets per day.