SAL Whitening X3 Lotion - SAL Whitening X3 Lotion

S.A.L Whitening X3 Lotion

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SAL Whitening X3 Lotion

S.A.L Whitening X3 Lotion

Size 10 ml.
Price 1,200 baht
Another step in nourishing and solving skin color problems, SAL Whitening X3 Lotion, a product from Japan. Extracts that have undergone a reaction to break down the molecules into small sizes. To act to inhibit the ingestion of pigment by skin cells. This makes the pigment unable to pass up to the upper layer of the skin.

In addition, ingredients that work together effectively are also used, including Kojic acid and Alpha-arbutin. which acts directly on the melanin-producing cells To control abnormally large amounts of pigment. Prevents dull skin When used, the skin color is smooth and bright evenly. As well as giving moisture back to the skin as well.

Important ingredients

Hydrolyzed prunus domestica : Molecules extracted from prunes help stop pigment from rising to the upper layer of the skin, becoming dark spots and dull skin.

Kojic acid and alpha-arbutin : Control the number of pigments so that they are not abnormally large.

Extract from single-celled algae White Pueraria Mirifica Root and aloe vera : Prevents uneven skin tone. By inhibiting the activity of the enzyme Tyrosinase, which is an important enzyme in the melanin synthesis process.

Dipotassium glycyrrhizate : Licorice root extract Inhibits enzyme activity Hyaluronidases that exist in the human body Prevents dull skin caused by skin inflammation. When stimulated by sunlight

Hyaluronic acid : Maintain water balance Delivers moisture by adding water and moisture back to the skin.

suitable for : All skin types

How to use : Use to nourish the skin after cleaning the face. Apply the product all over the face, neck and décolleté.