Ultra High Sun Protection SPF 50 PA+++ - S-Class Ultra High Sun Protection Sunscreen Cream

Sunscreen S-Class Ultra High Sun Protection SPF 50 PA+++
Aes Class Ultra High Sun Protection SPF 50 PA+++

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Sun protection product 'Pongsak Ultra High Sun Protection SPF 50 PA+++' Contains ingredients to protect the skin for a long time. Both in reflecting UV rays and absorbing heat rays that damage the skin.
In addition, it can treat the skin to make it tight and radiant. It also contains facial skin care ingredients that make the skin soft, not dry, and help reduce the problem of dull facial skin to look healthy. Suitable for all skin types. Especially Asian skin Skin after laser treatment Skin that uses blemish treatment products or sensitive skin

790 baht
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Important ingredients 

Micro Titanium Dioxide
Ingredients that are small at the molecular level Make the cream texture more detailed. Smooth and suitable for all skin types. Even if the facial skin is not smooth, has wrinkles or acne scars.

Callagen and Vitamin B-3 
Helps the skin to be tight and look radiant.