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  • How to reduce your belly after giving birth? A collection of ways to reduce the belly to make it firm and look as natural as possible.

        Normally, after giving birth, a mother's abdomen can collapse naturally. But some people may take a long time. While for some people the abdomen may not shrink at all. It depends on each person's physical condition and self-care. For any mothers who have this problem and are worried about how to reduce their belly after giving birth. Will they be able to lose 30 kilos after giving birth? Today we have gathered together various ways to reduce the belly after giving birth. Let's try to follow along. What causes the belly after giving birth? Postpartum abdominal problems Caused by a separation of the abdominal muscles...
  • What causes cheek grooves? How to fix them? Including ways to reduce cheek grooves and age spots.

        Cheek wrinkles are one of the most noticeable signs of aging. and makes the face look older So that everyone can protect and solve problems correctly This article therefore has good knowledge. About the problem of cheek grooves Including ways to reduce cheek lines without having to undergo surgery. Let's see what it is. What are cheek grooves? Why do you need to pay attention? Cheek grooves are deep, diagonal lines starting from the wing of the nose extending down to the corners of the mouth on both sides. This usually happens when making facial expressions such as smiling…
  • Compare Ulthera VS Thermage, what are the differences? Which one should you choose to see results?

    Wrinkles and sagging It's a problem that can happen to everyone. Nowadays, new innovations are being invented. Come as an alternative to solving problems. And that makes many people confused and wondering how each innovation is different. And which one should I choose? Today we will compare to clearly see which Ulthera VS Thermage will give the best lifting results. Let's go see what Ultherapy and Thermage are. Ultherapy and Thermage...
  • Thermage price updated last year 2024 What is Thermage? Why do you need a face lift?

    When you get older Our bodies produce less collagen. Therefore causing many skin problems. Especially the wrinkle problem and sagging Even though it is an unavoidable problem But there is a way to fix it. and slow down the deterioration of the skin With an innovation called Thermage, it can restore firmness. Make your skin firm, bright, and look younger. And people tend to like to find good things for themselves, even the face that we want to be youthful all the time. Many people often wonder about doing Thermage...
  • Know before doing Thermage FLX what it is. Lifting without surgery. Thermage. Latest price.

    Today there are many new technologies being developed to help tighten the skin. and solve the problem of aging Enabling everyone to have smooth, tight, beautiful skin, looking young like they've gone back many years. Without having to rely on surgery One of which is Thermage FLX. Today we will take everyone to get to know in depth how this machine works. What things do you help care for your skin? And will there be any side effects? Go find the answer here.