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  • What is Ultherapy SPT? Can it be adjusted to tighten the skin better?

    When talking about skin-lifting technology, The number one thing that has been done and has seen the most obvious results No need to recuperate No need for surgery. That is doing Ultherapy (Ulthera) that many people are familiar with. But recently, there has been a new innovation that seems to upgrade the capabilities of Ulthera. This technology is called Ultherapy SPT. Many people may have heard of it before. But I don't know what it is. How is it different from the original Ulthera? What will the treatment abilities and results be like?
  • Information on Hifu vs Ulthera, which one is better? What are the advantages? Which one should be used?

    Nowadays, there are many different methods of skin tightening. It depends on the method and format we want to do. Including the appropriateness of the skin problems that occur and the budget for each treatment. But there is a procedure that is used to lift and tighten the skin without pain. or any recovery You can also see results quickly, such as Hifu and Ultherapy. This article has compared information to clearly see how the two work differently. How much are the prices different? In this article, we will compile the differences between these two procedures and compare them for easy understanding. Get to know Hifu and Ulthera, what is Hifu…
  • Compare Ulthera VS Thermage, what are the differences? Which one should you choose to see results?

    Wrinkles and sagging It's a problem that can happen to everyone. Nowadays, new innovations are being invented. Come as an alternative to solving problems. And that makes many people confused and wondering how each innovation is different. And which one should I choose? Today we will compare to clearly see which Ulthera VS Thermage will give the best lifting results. Let's go see what Ultherapy and Thermage are. Ultherapy and Thermage...
  • How many shots of Ultherapy for the entire face? Where can I see Ulthera results? Where is the best place? Ulthera latest price.

    Normally, the number of lines for Ulthera treatment all over the face depends on the skin problems of each person. If you have a problem with sagging skin, not being firm, or having just a few wrinkles. Ulthera shots will be 300-500 lines, but if there are quite a lot of skin problems, the number of lines will increase accordingly. In addition to the skin condition, it also depends on the discretion of the doctor performing the procedure and the techniques used. 
  • Let's be clear: What's the difference between Morpheus8 and Ulthera? Which one can give you an interesting lift?

    Morpheus8 and Ultherapy have different costs. It depends on various factors such as the area being treated. Number of times of treatment and clinics where treatment is performed You can consult with an expert doctor to choose the technology that is appropriate for your skin problem to provide targeted treatment.
  • What is Ultherapy? Is Ulthera really good? Answer all questions Before and after

    Many people have questions about what Ultherapy is. Even though wrinkles and sagging are natural things that happen to everyone, But now there is a technology called Ultherapy that helps tighten the skin and make it look smooth and tight. and reduce wrinkles To make it look faded without pain from surgery No need to inject any substances into the body, no need to recuperate. After finishing, you can go home and live your normal life. That makes Ultherapy become the most popular innovation that is being talked about the most at this time. To ease doubts for those who have never had Ultherapy, is it really good?
  • How much does Ulthera cost? Ulthera treatment. Who is it suitable for? Best Ulthera price in 2024.

    Ulthera best price of 2024. What price updates? Many people have probably heard of Ulthera before because it is the ultimate lifting innovation that is very popular right now. But in fact, the Ulthra machine doesn't just help reduce wrinkles. Or is it only suitable for people who have problems with sagging? Ultherapy can also be used to treat other skin problems, but what or what aspects can it help with? And who is it suitable for? This article will take everyone to find the answer. Ready to reveal the price...