What are filler injections? Why are they so popular today in 2024? Along with sharing the information you need to know. Before injecting filler Get direct advice from expert doctors!

What are filler injections? How long do they last? What do you need to know before injecting? Updated for 2024!

Answered face, answering cheeks, deep cheek grooves, dark circles under the eyes. These are problems that are common in working people. As a result, the face looks tired, not bright, and lacks confidence. which you can edit with 'Filler injection' by 2024, filler technology has been continuously developed. As a result, the new generation of fillers is more effective. Helps solve deep groove problems right at the point. and last longer If you have the problems we have discussed, fillers are an interesting option for you!

What is filler injection? Let's get to know filler in every aspect.

Filler injection is a beauty procedure technique For those who want to fix facial imperfections to look good. Without having to hurt yourself Because it is a method that does not require surgery. No need to recuperate for a long time. High security and see clear results immediately Helps solve problems such as reducing wrinkles. Fills deep grooves, adjusts facial shape, and increases plumpness. Makes your face look bright and healthy, all of which adding fillers can help you with. And if there is treatment together withBotox injections The more effective it is, the more it is like a beloved partner in the beauty industry.

What is filler?

Filler is a filler of the type Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which has good water-absorbing properties. Can help fill in various deep grooves on the face effectively. Helps the facial skin to become smooth, firm and look younger. When the filler is added under the skin The filler also helps add moisture to the skin. Makes the facial skin look radiant and can delay future aging as well. For this reason, adding filler Therefore, it is another service that is popular today.

Injecting filler, where do I need to add it?

Fillers can be added to many positions on the face. Whether it's under-eye filler, lip filler, or other areas, it depends on the problem you want to correct. which can be divided into main points as follows

  • Under-eye filler: Helps solve the problem of bags under the eyes, deep tear troughs, and dark circles under the eyes. 
  • Cheek filler: Helps solve the problem of deep cheek grooves. 
  • Cheek area: Helps replenish lost or sunken tissue. Make your cheeks look fuller. 
  • Orange Cheek Filler: Helps adjust the shape of the face to make it look slimmer. The orange cheek area is the area between under the eyes to the cheeks and cheekbones to the nose. It looks like an orange fruit.
  • Lip fillers: Helps make lips plump. Chestnut-shaped mouth Fills in wrinkles around the dry lip area. 
  • Temple area: Helps the forehead look fuller. The face looks dimensional. 
  • Forehead filler injections: Helps solve the problem of wrinkles in the forehead area. 
  • Nose area: Helps the bridge of the nose look more prominent. The tip of the nose looks sharper. Adjust the shape of your nose to match your face.
  • Chin Filler: Helps fill in and lengthen the chin. Add dimension to the face

How many CC of filler must be used in each spot?

The amount of filler used in each spot may vary. It depends on the depth of the trenches, wrinkles, and individual problems. The treating doctor will assess the appropriate amount of filler for you. We can take a quick look at the following table.

Inject filler under the eyes 1-2 cc
Cheek filler 2-4 cc
Cheek area 1-2 cc
Orange cheek filler 1-2 cc
Filler injections for chubby lips  1-2 cc
Temporal area  2-4 cc
Mak River area 1-2 cc
Forehead filler injection 1-2 cc
Nose area 1 cc
Chin filler injection 1-2 cc
Acne hole area  1-2 cc
Add moisture to the skin 2-4 cc
Glow skin work 1-2 cc
' Want a slimmer face, full cheeks, and deep wrinkles gone? Fillers can help! '
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Do filler injections hurt?

In general, after injecting filler you will feel only slight pain. This is because the doctors at our S-Class clinic will use anesthetic injections using pain-reducing techniques. The anesthetic will help calm the sensation in the injection area. Makes you feel no pain at all But for some people, facial skin may feel tight. or tingling in the injection area But these symptoms will quickly disappear on their own.

Is adding filler dangerous? Is it safe?

Filler injections are considered to be very safe. If you choose to inject with a standardized clinic Choose genuine fillers that are certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and inject only by experienced and skilled doctors. Genuine fillers are made from substances that are not harmful to the body. These substances will naturally decay within 6-12 months or more depending on the brand used.

Dangerous if injected with fake filler

Fake fillers are very dangerous. Because it is made from substances that are not safe for the body. Once added, there is a chance that the fake filler will become hard and sagging, causing inflammation and infection. For some people with severe symptoms, the tissue in that area may die. Or you can go blind. After adding fake filler, it can be fixed with only 2 methods: 1 surgery 2 scraping off the filler material. Because fake filler cannot break down naturally.

Advantages of filler injections

Can solve wrinkle problems

Helps adjust facial structure

See results immediately after doing it. No need to recuperate

Take care and be safe.

No scars, no harm to the body

Solve problems on the spot Gives results that look natural

Choose a good brand of filler injections. Are there any interesting brands?

If you ask an expert doctor about an interesting brand of filler. All hundreds will recommend the same thing: no fillers. Which brand is best? Only good fillers must have the same properties, that is, they must be good quality fillers. Does not cause allergic reactions to fillers. The popular brands are as follows:


It is a filler made from natural hyaluronic acid. It has highly flexible properties and is able to restore its shape well, so it can fill in wrinkles and deep grooves naturally. without leaving wrinkles or lumps The important thing is that it can break down naturally within 12-18 months, so it is safe for the body.


It is a brand imported from the United States. This brand of filler uses different production technology and HA content. Therefore, it can effectively fill in deep grooves and wrinkles on the face for a natural look.


It is a genuine filler from Switzerland. Produced using Cohesive Polydensified Matrix (CPM) technology, resulting in a highly flexible filler material. Suitable for sensitive skin. Does not cause allergic reactions or irritation.


It is a premium quality filler from Korea. There is an innovative production method, HICE Concentration Equalized, resulting in filler that has tight adhesion, is smooth, and does not become lumpy when touched. Remains on the skin for a long time, highly safe, suitable for filling deep grooves, adjusting facial shape, and adding plumpness to the face.


Filler with special properties increases efficiency in filling deep grooves and adjusting facial shape with Cross-linked Technology that increases the strength and stability of the filler. Makes it able to maintain its shape for up to 18 months.

Who is filler injection suitable for?

  • People who want to nourish their facial skin to become youthful and look younger.
  • People who have problems with deep wrinkles, such as cheek grooves, under-eye grooves, cheek grooves and corners of the mouth. Wrinkles on the forehead, etc.
  • People who have sagging skin problems
  • People who have acne scars and large pores
  • People who have a short chin problem
  • People who have a problem with their nose not being prominent
  • People who have problems with thin lips Or want to inject filler into the lips?

First filler injection What do you need to know? How to prepare?

Before receiving filler Patients should prepare themselves and strictly follow the doctor's instructions. So that the results will be as effective and safe as possible. Preparation before receiving filler should be done as follows:

  • Stop using aspirin.
  • Not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • If you have a congenital disease, you should inform your doctor before doing it every time.
  • Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages
  • Refrain from scrubbing, applying exfoliating creams, and shaving in areas where filler injections are desired.

Results after adding fillers: How many days will you see results?

Usually, filler results will be seen immediately after the procedure. But there may be some slight swelling at first. These swellings will gradually decrease within 2-3 days, then the filler will begin to take its place and full visible results will be seen within 2-3 weeks. How long does the filler last? It depends on the care of each person.

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Frequently asked questions About adding filler

  • How much does filler injection cost?

    How much does filler injection cost? It will depend on many factors. Whether it is the brand of filler, the amount filled, the location where it is filled, the clinic where it is filled. Including the expertise of the doctor Generally, the price of filler injections starts at ten thousand baht or more. But for our clinic You can have your skin evaluated by a doctor. to design individualized treatment at a special price

  • How many months can filler be injected?

    In general, genuine filler will last 6-12 months, depending on the brand of filler injected. And it depends on taking care of yourself of each person.

  • Who is prohibited from injecting fillers?

    Although filler is a safe substance But not everyone can get the injection. Which people should not have primary injections? They are together as follows:

    • People who have problems with skin diseases, inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, rashes, and hives, as this may cause inflammation to become more severe.
    • People with heavy bleeding problems, such as patients with certain blood diseases People taking antiplatelet drugs or anticoagulants. You should inform your doctor before injecting filler. Because it may cause excessive bleeding or congestion.
    • People who have allergies to collagen, eggs, or animal products.
    • Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • How many days does it take to see results from filler injections?

    After injecting filler You will be able to see the results. But there may be some redness and swelling. But it can disappear within a few days. The most obvious results will be seen in 2-3 weeks, depending on the care after the filler injection.

  • What can fillers help with?

    Filler injection It has many advantages, such as reducing wrinkles, adjusting facial shape, filling in sagging areas. Increase moisture This makes it a service that young men and women in this era are interested in.

    • Helps fill in various deep grooves on the face such as cheek grooves, under-eye grooves, betel nut grooves, deep corners of the mouth, etc. Helps the skin look smoother, wrinkles fade, and look more youthful.
    • Helps adjust the shape of the face to make it look slimmer. Forehead looks wider Chin looks sharper Cheeks look fuller, etc. Helps the face look dimensional. more attractive
    • Helps fill in sagging areas on the face such as temples, cheeks, dark circles under the eyes, etc. Helps the skin look more plump.
    • Some fillers can help add moisture to the skin. Makes the skin look radiant The face looks fuller and brighter.
  • How many days can I use filler injections to massage my face?

    For up to 4 weeks after filler injection, avoid facial massage. Avoid touching, pressing, or squeezing the injection site. due to massaging the injection area will cause the filler to move Not in the position where the doctor gave the injection It may cause the results to not be as desired.

  • Who should not have filler injections?

    Group of people who should not have filler injections at all This is a group that is sick or has symptoms of dermatitis or infection. Whether you have acne, rashes, or hives, if you are sick with these diseases, you should get them cured before getting the injection.

  • Can I inject filler and squeeze out pimples?

    When the filler is injected It is recommended that you do not touch or press the area where the filler is injected. And do not rub your face vigorously, including popping acne, during the first 4 weeks of injection.

  • How many days after injecting filler, do not smile?

    After you have had filler injections All you have to do is try not to move your face too much. This may cause the filler to move into the wrong position. Especially during the first 3 days after injection. This is the time when the filler is still in a state of adjustment. in adhering to skin tissue

  • How many days after having filler injections do you refrain from wearing makeup?

    During the first 24 hours after filler injection It is recommended to wear light makeup. Focus on nature Avoid touching your face forcefully. Because it may cause the filler to move. After that, then decorate in a fully beautiful way.